As a tourism company, we are highly dependent on nature and an intact climate. For this reason, we try to use resources responsibly and are actively involved in climate protection.

We have been working for years on resource-conserving and climate-friendly business practices and have already achieved quite a bit in this regard. Now we want to make our work measurable – for our guests, our investors and our employees. For this reason, we are currently developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy that will apply to the entire FMTG Group – both for our construction projects and for the operation of our hotels and offices.

Social responsibility

We are strongly rooted in the regions in which we operate and also take responsibility here.

Some Projects:

  • Emergency aid for victims after the earthquake in Petrijna 2020
  • Cooperation with “Touristik hilft” for refugees from Ukraine

Sustainability Report

We want to be measurable in our efforts. For this reason, we have decided to publish a sustainability report on our work from 2022.