2021: 10 million euros through crowdinvesting

The 7th Falkensteiner Crowdinvest campaign “Weiter geht’s!” was also a complete success. In just under 5 weeks, more than 3.8 million euros were raised – despite lockdown and closed hotels. With this campaign, FMTG succeeded in generating a total of 10 million euros through crowdinvesting in 2021.

In this last campaign, almost 200 new investors were inspired by the Falkensteiner brand. With 463 investors, this makes up almost 40 percent. The majority of the investors in this campaign were between 40 and 60 years old. The most frequently paid sum was 10.000 euros. The highest amount invested in this campaign was 105.000 euros. A further 17 investors can look forward to a unique.mountain.experience as a VIP bonus because they invested at least 25.000 euros.

Almost 60 percent of the investors opted for a payout in the form of hotel stays – they receive six percent interest vouchers. Those who opted for the classic variant expect four percent fixed interest. In any case, all investors will receive semi-annual interest distributions. For FMTG, the motto now more than ever is “Weiter geht’s!” (Let’s go on!). Exciting crowdinvesting projects are planned for 2022 as well.